What people say about working with Karen Knowles:

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Karen was just the right person I was looking for. As a first time writer, she shared her expertise and was most helpful when I needed guidance to enrich and develop my story to an exemplary level. She was professional as well as engaging and I felt very much at ease when questioning or discussing any facets of the editing and coaching process.”

~CeCe Gardenia, Bringing the Inside Out

“I turned to Karen for help with a stalled writing project. Thanks to her editorial experience and creative insights, the project is now back on track!”

~Dorothee Racette, Time Management and Productivity Coach


“Karen helped me make my dream come true! Thanks to her, I was able write my memoir and prepare it for publishing. Working with Karen was a great experience.”

~Janet Hoffman Cenzano, Two Hearts, One Soul

“What makes Karen an excellent writing coach is that she strives to understand the essence of a writer’s work.  By reviewing some sample chapters, she grasped the vision of my book and was very sensitive to the difficulty of writing about children with cancer.  Not only did Karen keep my writing within the scope of my goals, but she believed in the importance of my message and encouraged me to finish it when I felt it wouldn’t get done.  What Makes Them Amazing:  Inspiring Stories of Young Adults Fighting Cancer would not have been as powerful or clearly written without her assistance.  I will always use Karen’s skills as an editor and writing coach for my future books.”

~Janine Cammarata, What Makes Them Amazing:  Inspiring Stories of Young Adults Fighting Cancer

“When you are so engrossed in your manuscript, it is very hard to step back and find all the inconsistencies and problem areas, which every novel has in the beginning.  Karen has successfully helped me polish two books—Warriors Within, which received the Best Books Finalist Award, and Eyes of the Goddess.   I can honestly say that they would not have been as good without her help.  She has the ability to see the entire vision of the work and break down each edit into doable pieces.”

~Janine Cammarata, author of Eyes of the Goddess and Warriors Within

Karen Knowles taught me everything I know about editing and coached me through a thorough revision of my draft. I really hate the thought of line-by-line fine tuning of prose, especially varying my sentence structure and lengths.  But Karen got me thinking about it in smaller increments.  It’s so much more palatable and rewarding to tackle it by paragraphs or chapters. Without Karen, I would not be published!”

~Lisa Potocar, author of Sweet Glory