Karen eases you through the book editing process by looking at the “big picture” of your manuscript and giving you specific feedback and detailed edits on how to revise for clarity and polish your work.

You will also receive a written summary with specific suggestions for revisions that will make your manuscript stronger and help you get your book ready for publication. Editing will shape your manuscript into a engaging book that connects with your audience and delivers a clear, compelling message.

Karen’s edits focus on your book’s concept, its goals, and underlying premise, as well as the book’s organization, themes, tone, pacing, description, setting, character development and literary style.

The Manuscript Editing process gives you feedback on:


Is the book well organized, with smooth transitions, compelling introduction of material, and seamless flow of ideas throughout?


How do you sound? is your book coherent?  Are you articulating your message with the best tone?

Chapter Content

Are the themes and ideas presented clearly and with engaging examples, anecdotes, and material? Are the ideas well developed and do the chapters and the entire book engage the audience?

Literary Elements

Are literary elements used effectively to fully convey ideas? Karen will evaluate description, point of view, character development, imagery and other literary devices.

Writing Style

Is the writing polished and effective? Are there any problem areas? How could it be strengthened?

Once the editing is finished, you will receive:

1Specific and clear edits using tracked changes in Microsoft word:  line edits are made directly on the page and questions and suggestions are placed in the margin comment sections. You can then accept or reject these changes.

3Creative Sparks—If you need ideas or writing to help spark your creative expression, Karen can provide new material to add dimension to your story, such as additional scene or example development, setting details, ideas for enhancing narrative, dialogue, and description,  character development ideas, and anecdotal material. You’ll receive creative possibilities to help you polish your story, including original writing if necessary.  These types of solutions will help jumpstart your creativity.

2Specific solutions—Karen will suggest any necessary additions, deletions, and changes to clarify ideas, create more depth,  and ensure your book’s concept and purpose is fully met.


4Critique:  Karen is respectful of an author’s creative expression; the final edits will be your decision, but she will always provide a straightforward critique. Editorial comments and feedback will pinpoint areas that need further development and polish.  Suggested changes and feedback will help you hone your craft and move you forward to a final, polished manuscript.

Choose from two options for book editing:

Complete Developmental Editing of Manuscript. You’ve finished a draft, but want to make sure the ideas are solid, the transitions smooth, and the language engaging and clear.  Karen will read and critique your draft, providing track changes revisions as well as a written summary of how to make your manuscript shine.  You’ll get the “big picture” critique and step-by-step revisions to polish your manuscript and prepare it for publication.

Review and feedback as part of Coaching packages. Start from the beginning of your book writing process.  Developmental editing and coaching go hand-in-hand with the book writing process.  As you work with Karen from the very beginning of your book, you’ll receive editorial feedback and review while refining your concept and outline and begin planning your book.  You’ll also have a sounding board for creative ideas and brainstorming. Karen will provide developmental editing as you move along.  You’ll know what’s working, what to develop more fully, and which direction to move in—with coaching, you’ll have more support and guidance and be much closer to a final draft earlier in the process.

Here’s what clients have to say about Karen’s editing:

 “[my book] would not have been as powerful or clearly written without Karen’s assistance.”

“[Karen] has the ability to see the entire vision of the work and break down each edit into doable pieces.”

“[Karen] taught me everything I know about editing and coached me through a thorough revision of my draft.”