Writing a book will transform your life.

It’s happened to me, and I’ve seen it happen for my clients.  Their lives have changed in totally new and unexpected ways: they’ve become more visible, created new identities as public speakers, and stepped into bigger roles that exhilarate them.

karenknowlesI’ve always loved promoting women’s voices and accomplishments through my work. As a freelance writer, I’ve published profiles and essays on women writers and artists. I’ve also published Celebrating the Land, an anthology of women’s nature writing.

Deciding to create this book was a true creative spark moment for me:  I was teaching writing at DePaul University and reading several nature anthologies that had just been published when I  realized that only a few of the same women were included in every collection.  Where were all the women’s voices?

I discovered that plenty of women had written excellent essays and books on nature. With no women’s anthology on the market, I thought “why not?” and pitched my book idea to a few publishing companies.  People warned me that getting a contract as a newbie would not happen, but I was passionate about bringing this book to life and believed I could do it.  And I did. From idea conception to publication, it took a little over a year to hold Celebrating the Land in my hands.

A few years later, when I moved to upstate New York with my husband and two young daughters, I began freelance writing and editing and continued to teach writing workshops. In 2008, I launched Creative Spark Coaching and started coaching women writers on how to take their compelling ideas and transform them into publishable books.  My clients are thrilled to realize their dreams, and even more thrilled when they find a welcoming audience.

It takes focus and brave action to create a book.
As your book coach, I’m committed to your success.

My style is intuitive, encouraging, focused, and goal-oriented. I provide crucial support and guidance to help you overcome obstacles and reach your goals, and I teach you the tools you’ll need to learn how to structure your book, develop your story, write consistently, and finish your manuscript.

How well-written your book is decides how engaged your audience will be. My developmental editing offers a “big picture” critique that makes sure your book conveys your message in a clear, appealing way.

If you are excited about creating your book and want coaching or manuscript editing, please contact me for a free consultation.

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