Do you have a great idea for a book but need help writing it?

Book Coach Karen Knowles teaches you how to write your book, polish your manuscript, and prepare it for publication.

Receive support, structure, and editorial feedback from whatever stage you’re at in the book writing process.  With Creative Spark Coaching, your book writing journey will be easier and more productive.

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Be inspired! Karen coaches you on how to stay motivated, prepare your content, and write your book.

Manuscript Editing

Manuscript Editing

Let your writing shine!  Polish your writing and prepare your manuscript for publication with Karen’s critique and editing services.

Creative Sparks!

Creative Sparks!

Need help moving forward? Check in with Karen for fresh ideas that will inspire you to keep writing.

Successful Clients

Creative Spark Coaching
“With Karen’s understanding, encouragement and expertise, I have been able to break through writer’s block and stay true to my story. More importantly, my commitment to our coaching sessions has kept me focused on my goal of finalizing my book. I no longer allow myself to make excuses for not meeting deadlines.”